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How to prevent feel overwhelm when learning Rails

Several month ago I started searching all information about ruby and ruby on rails to get complete information. Like making application, there was many answer I got. Generally people suggest Michael Hartl online book at Railstutorial.org. I dont’t know why but when following it advice and trying to absorb information make me feel more overwhelm.

At first I am not feel overwhelm with Railstutorials step but in middle of tutorial chapter 6th I felt so didn’t get any context. At that situation I just understand why Railstutorial not suit with someone who still not familiar with rails. Sure, Every people have their unique condition but I think it fit with me.
One day I found several people gave different testimony about Railstutorial.org in Quora. (Note: I don’t mean Michael Hartl book was bad. But I feel so hard to get the context except just following the tutorials steps). I forget whose account write it suggestion but I remember about his message “Try to read David Kehoe book will make you better to understand general Rails tutorial”. The message about that not actually same. This book like preface for someone new with Rails environment.

So, I search David Kehoe book. I’ve finished First book and thank for suggest it. I got more clear picture about rails. For people who still new with rails, get big picture is very important.

Different people has different approaches. I have about 2 years experiences teaching programming and it’s true. You might have more large Software Development background, but for new comer don’t be afraid. David Kehoe book fill this missing link. This book explain clearly like speaking for non IT background. So, if you have computer background or not has no different.

I like 3 words from this book.

  1. If follow every link on the book, you will never finish reading this book. (I feel so dizzy looking too many link which make me curious to click and open it)
  2. Crowds has wisdom. (Generally, but not at all)
  3. Describe your application with story. (it’s simple but very effective to describe requirement include for non IT background)

“Thank you very much who expert like David Kehoe, wish to explain something difficult in simple term. It’s very valuable for us.”

Your help keep us join the struggle understand rails with given path.

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