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Assalamu’alaikum wa rohmatullohi wa barokatuh

Hello, my name is Rido Sandi Atmanto. I was knew blogging from 2008 but never completely done. In last 9 years period I conscious that the biggest problem of blogging is consistency. This year I decide to do simple thing but hard to do, “Consistence writing Blog” with documented my problem and idea as content theme. I train to show its in writing media. Hopefully this activity could make my writing in general way and English skill increasing too. If some point in my writing look confusing or ambiguous, it’s mean a lot for me if you want to help correcting it.

Why Camel Dev?

You might think about why I use Camel as my domain name. Camel was vehicle of Prophet Muhammad SAW when spread Islam religion. One of most mentioned animal name in The Holy Book of Al Qur’an.

Dev mean Development. My main core competence is Software Developer. Especially Web Developer. On the last time I was using PHP and CodeIgniter as FullStack Web Developer.

In middle period of 2017, I felt need something new to refresh my career. After using PHP from 2009 in my second year academic education to 2017, I decide to use Ruby and Ruby on Rails as my main tools to make web application. So, In this blog you will find many Ruby and Rails tutorial on the future. If you want to see my complete profile, you could open my LinkedIn.

With Bismillahirohmanirrohim I hope my blog could be useful for everyone. Amien.


Jakarta, June 25th 2017

Rido Sandi Atmanto