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7 reasons writing skill good for programmer

Nowadays writing and communication skill has big impact for success project. Internet connection has been increasing day by day but text based communication still being basic media to deliver people mind and purpose. So, what is impact for programmer who have writing skill above average level?

1. Deliver message and purpose in simple way
One paragraph which contain all need to explain is better than more paragraph but confusing. Understanding transfer process will come easier. Misunderstanding could be prevented with another teammate.

2. Reduce unnecessary meeting
Most command and instruction deliver well. Doing meeting when really need it. If confirmation of ambiguity could be done with e-mail or chat, we still don’t need any meeting. In emergency situation, meeting was very good. Face to face explain all your need one each other. Another reason avoid meeting is to save your money. Especially for new start up.

3. Being human friendly expert
How many programmer look like alien in front of non technical people when explain or tell their idea? The Era when geeks have big problem deliver their purpose has been end. Simple concept model which understood by general people better than high tech answer but none understand it. Human friendly metaphor will make you likely to hear and get more audience enthusiastic.

4. Explain technical content in technical term
I have ever read programming tutorial translated by translator to Bahasa Indonesia. His translation result tend to bring another confusion. Technical background needed in this situation.

5. Prove how good reader are you
Writer born from good reader which got many input by reading a lot of book.

6. Increase your speaking skill
Speaking not just needs confidence but also words selection. Writing exercise sharpen our reflect when choosing good words. It has descent effect when reveal idea and combine sentence. So, Listener get more clear message.

7. Increase team productivity
All above combination give effect for the team productivity indirectly.

8. You might add for another benefit in comment. 🙂

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