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How to prevent feel overwhelm when learning Rails

Several month ago I started searching all information about ruby and ruby on rails to get complete information. Like making application, there was many answer I got. Generally people suggest Michael Hartl online book at Railstutorial.org. I dont’t know why but when following it advice and trying to absorb information make me feel more overwhelm.

Easy Step Deploy Rails App in Heroku

Rails developer often meet difficulties to deploy their apps. Additional setting base and server limitation make some developer decide using VPS or Dedicated server. Heroku platform exist to solve this problem. Minimum development environment already to used for your apps.

How to make FizzBuzz test with Ruby

FizzBuzz test was one of the simplest test in logical test. Especially for new developer, this test often given. Basic logic of this is test looping. So, if you understand about limited loop this test look easy for you. In other C like programming language usually using for to pass this algorithm. But in this

Process behind finding unique array items

Some programming algorithm process using this process as their part. Finding unique item/items in listed array. In Ruby we could use uniq function to delete duplicate value in an array list. To get more clear illustration, please check example below.

7 reasons writing skill good for programmer

Nowadays writing and communication skill has big impact for success project. Internet connection has been increasing day by day but text based communication still being basic media to deliver people mind and purpose. So, what is impact for programmer who have writing skill above average level?